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3 most amazing benefits of Yoga for Cancer patients

Today I wanted to share today is the 3 most magnificent benefits of yoga when your body is sick in cancer. Or even other illnesses but this journey with Cancer is what I know from my own experiences and I really hope to spread the knowledge about it.

In 2012 i got diagnose of Hodgkins Lymphoma state 4BX, which means that cancer has spread in both sides of diaphragm, 4 or more main organs, the B stand for the form of the cancer cell that in my case was bulk and the X was terminal as in the end of that race. In that time when I got the diagnose I was so tired I barely stayed awake enough to go to restroom, but some how I managed to pull my self together and start consciously breathing and talking and listening to my body. Soon I managed even to start moving a bit. some asanas every now and then. There were very few positions I managed to do at all because of my huge spleen that was full of cancer and swollen, as well as my diaphragm and my right lung. But I did what my body asked for. I was started to be aware of my body and breath 24/7. Just did my asanas, breathing and doing Yoga Nidra as I got the orders from my dear body.

This next information will blow your mind!! So keep on reading after you watched the slide show. With this slide I want to show you where I come from and why I’m so passionated about this.

After I started to do all these practice I knowledge that I started be more and more precent, I did not have as much sleeping difficulties, I was calm and felt the energy flowing and healing within me.

When I got my first pneumonia during my chemo I ended up in Hospital emergency and when they tok my oxygen saturations they had to change the machine because they thought it was broken. It showed that my oxygen levels were up 98% with tumors in my lung and a pneumonia! The other machine showed the same. The Doctors and Nurses could not believe their eyes. And my blood works showed that my hemoglobin was higher than most healthy people have with is amazing when you think that I did have a blood cancer form. My pulse was slow and study and my blood pressure just perfect.

During this pneumonia I had my neared experience 2 weeks later that turned my healing process to something that no one expected, but that is a whole another story. (coming up in my book)

When I was again well enough to be at home I started soon to notice that I did not want to have the heavy pain killers anymore. I had been on morphine for quite a high dose and longer time and I wanted it out of my system because I felt it disturbing me in many levels. My spleen hunted a lot but as I kept on breathing and doing my gentle asana I noticed that every time I started to breath more consciously the pain disappeared and my mind became still. I did this every day. Many times several times each day or overtime I felt pain somewhere, I started to breath slowly in and out . Inhale – let, Exhale -go… Let go…. That was one of my mantras. I also had to go through whole my life, all my traumas and just forgive everything and everybody, even my self.

Each check up I did at the Oncologist they were surprised over that I had survived the first month and that I was actually making progress. My spleen had started to shrink and was mostly pain free. Even if the process to get cancer free tok almost 2 years, I did it. Little by little. Many times under the asana practice I did most of the healing in my soul level. I believe that when we get stuck in too much trauma that we don’t work our way through it will in some point manifest as a illness of some sort.

Cancer has it’s roots in deep wounds, being stuck in sadness, hidden secret or grief that troubles your soul or being stuck in anger. It all had to go. And Yoga definitely gave me the tools to handle it all.

So here is the 3 most amazing benefits of Yoga;

  1. Breathing consciously (Pranayama) highers your oxygen levels and benefits your cellular healing process and calms your mind. 

  2. Asana practice and breathing relieves pain, releases stress and anxiety.

  3. It helps you to cleans your body from toxins and mobilize your body, less pain in your spine and joints.

So this is something that I think is really important to spread out. For me it feels like it saved my life. It really did. That has also inspired me to keep on studying so next November I’m traveling to Goa to study Yoga Therapy and maybe I can help some more people.

And what comes to being old or sick so you can’t exercise, Yoga is even for you. No matter how bad in shape you are, there is always a level for you. Conscious breathing is where the journey begins.

If you feel difficult to keep in touch with the breath, start counting it. 1 – inhale, 2 – exhale and keep on counting 1, 2. even when your thoughts start to slip away, go back to breathing slowly in and out, 1,2. And there you are, already doing yoga in one of the many levels.

I have worked now as a yoga teacher about a year and reached around 300-350 hours and I just love it. My students are everything between 15 to 94. Yes, you read right 94… I just recently started to teach Chair Yoga  on a Nursing Home and I have to say that the once who are there are amazing and love the laughter in the room when we do our practice. Just remember Yoga has no labels. It’s for everyone no matter of race, size, health or sick, old or young. And What I know for sure is that Yoga is just perfect way to support you during and after Cancer treatments.

Hope this inspires and helps someone who needs this little push. If you have any thoughts about this I’m glad to chat chat with you.

Namaste <3



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  1. That was deeply touching and inspirational to read. Thank you.


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