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About Being vulnerable in a role of an Yoga teacher.

Yesterday We had This awesome gathering with my fellow Yoga Teachers in our shala. We drank tee, laughed and danced whole evening and reconnected us selves with every part of our body. I can’t remember when I’ve felt so alive in every single cell in my body. It was a really needed evening with these Lovely ladies.

To be honest, the last few weeks have been tough emotionaly and All these discussions and decisions with myself have been draining me and I sure needed to dance it of. Take a brake.

But what definitely have been giving me strength to stay focused during this period is that I feel so secure in my space as a teacher. I know that I don’t need to fake anything or pretend to be perfect in any way. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that I tell about all my ups and downs for my students, but I can for exemple just start with words….

”Well, We live interesting days when sometimes nothing really goes as planned, and I’m sure everyone has these days. I’m so Honored and Glad to find my Self here with You All today to work on our mats to find our inner peace and trust for What’s coming…”

I see it as showing your authentic You as a teacher to your students, You encourage them to be authentic too. I believe that if we are trying to be something You are not, You soon end up losing your students because they Will feel if You are holding a false image.

I know it is a really thin line to show your vulnerability and to show too much, but I also know that certain type of people are drown to You what ever you are showing out to The world. Your students Will always respect You as long as You are staying true.

I see also that even though I have had lots of pain and tears, it gives me the deeper understanding for others situations and I see them as a blessing. They give me the tools to guide and help these in pain to find the way easier out. Both in self-development as in Yoga asana practice.

We talked about all this yesterday and I must say that I feel so blessed to have these colleagues to brainstorm and change experiences with. It’s a safetynet to fall Back on when You need  the support. Either if You are a teacher or a student yourself I think that the importancy to have a mentor is crucial.

One of the people that I see as my Yoga mentor is Petri Räisänen and his wife Wambui. They are really down to Earth type of Yogis and I love their way to be so uncomplicated. I really recommend their workshops and retreats to Everyone. Even though I teach Hatha and soon Yin and he Petri and Wambui teaches Ashtanga I really love learning From them. Petri is amazing on hands-on guiding and last time I were on their retreat I found such a new levels to get in to positions.

I think that my way of being true in my self even when I teach is lots of Thanks to them. You can feel what You feel, be vulnerable, without making a huge number of it.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this is, if You are teacher or a student.

Hope, my lovelies, you’ll have a really beautiful Easter.

Love and Light <3


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