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Are we over doing our Yoga?

 Teija and  Leo, Warrior 3 demostration. photo by :  Kaisa Kärkäinen 
Are we over doing Yoga and all the Asanas? So many details to think about that sometimes it even interferes in our attention and intension and we loose the ground, our foundation.
I was last weekend in Helsinki on a workshop in Urban Mandala and met a wonderful and very different teacher that ever met before. The whole weekend we studied our relationship towards the ground under our feet, hands, body….

We often think we have the ground there but are we really receiving all the information from it? Are you just feeling the ground without really feeling it?

We tested this by standing on the plain ground, standing on sticks and golf balls just to get all the receptors awaken to receive the ground with everything it has to offer. First feeling the light touch on our skin of the feet, then little more pressure to feel it in the flesh and finally feeling it all the way to our bones from our feet to the spine.

This teacher we had is Leonidas Peppas (Embodied Anatomy) and he said something that really wakened me up. ”In Yoga we tended to do the asanas when the asanas just should happen…” All the details and information about how to do a asana can end up us loosing the touch to the ground and we loose balance or start to feel pressure in our spine and joints. But when we really have a relationship with the ground and also fiend the support from space around us and dare to widen our optics, embracing it all some interesting things start to happen. Or let me try to put it this way; feeling the ground under your feet in detail and really feel the power from that connection giving you solid ground. And feeling the air or space oboe you lifting you from the grown up. Feel the long and relaxed spine and feel that the backside of your pelvis is relaxing. Feel the sensation of your tail bone relaxing and reaching down. Feeling and being curios about the ground under your feet and making a relationship with it, and feel the head lifting. Or as talked, ” Oh, what’s that under my feet? How does it feel? Oh, see! Where is my head going?…”  When you find that feeling, try to feel it even in Virabhadrasana A and Adho Mukha Svanasana and any asana you do. In Adho Mukha Svanasana you have 2 pair of feet to find the ground to and two ”heads” reaching into space, your stiffness and your head 😉

Maybe you feel it in the way you walk or running? Or how your balances are beyond struggle? You feel light and strong to the ground at the same time.

This is not just about yoga practice but even everyday life. We over focus on details and on the details of those details and we loose the ground when we try to force us selves forward, instead of letting us move through the space with out pushing and striving. The forcing will just make us to get tense, loose our balance and make us frustrated.

It’s all about our relationship the world outside of us selves. Opening up, receiving, embracing and letting the life  happen. As we can feel hopefully the asanas to happen to.

Here is my little vlog about the weekend incase you want to watch it.

Now I just feel for to take my mat and see if some yoga happens 😉

Thank you for being here <3



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