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Ny Yogalärare till Yoga Samprema – Välkommen Emma!

Emma Lundberg , Viniyoga – Svenska, English

Ny Yogalärare till Yoga Samprema – Välkommen Emma!

I januari 2018 kommer vi att få tillökning i vår Samprema Sangha. När vi träffades i höstas med Emma och diskuterade Yoga och samarbete kände jag meddetsamma – OH JA! Hon är som person skön och mjuk med enorm värme och är stolt över att få ha henne med hos oss. Har aldrig testat Viniyoga själv iom att det inte finns andra viniyogalärare i våra gretsar eller på ställen jag brukar besöka. Emma berättade om sin inriktning och jag bara blev varm om hjärtat. Vi vet att det finns många med begränsad rörlighet i kroppen pga skador, mm. och känslan av att få en fantastiskt rar lärare att  dra även mera terapeutisk och skonsammare klasser än vad våra Hatha klasser är. Och allt går ju att anpassa precis som Emma skriver om sig själv och Viniyogan här nedanför. YOGA FÖR ALLA – JAAAAAA! Välkommen Emma!

”Jag älskar hur yoga kan anpassas – både till olika individer och till vad just du är i behov av just nu!
Jag är utbildad viniyogainstruktör. Inom viniyoga finns inte ett rätt sätt att utföra en pose – utan posen anpassas så att den passar just dig så bra som möjligt! Orsaken till att jag valde viniyoga är just för att denna form av yoga är skonsam och meditativ – och därför passar alla åldrar och kroppstyper. Både passen och poserna anpassas nämligen i stor utsträckning efter deltagarna.
Jag utbildade mig till viniyoga instruktör i Seattle (USA) under 2016-2017. Jag är registrerad hos Yoga Alliance (RYT-200). Efter att jag blev klar med min utbildning har jag under hösten 2017 hållit yogaklasser i Seattle samt deltagit i olika fördjupningsstudier.”

– Emma Lundberg

Who are you on your Yoga mat?

Let’s face it, We live in a sociaty were We are constantly pushed to be better, faster, more good looking (what’s up with that??!!! Signing….), effective, stronger than others and the most strangest thing; We strive to do this to please others. We never seem to be quite enough. No wonder most of us feel so bad in our selves. Question is; who are you on your Yoga mat? Are you Do’er with force or Are you a seaker in silence? Are you doing your practice because it gives you something  more or are you just following trends, and striving to get others ”oh wow!”-reactions and admiering glanses? Even tho’ I don’t really think that it even matters why you have choosen yoga, or yoga choosen you. What matters that you are on your mat and the rest will fall in to it’s place.
Many of us start our yogic practice as a form of physical activity and training. In the beginning We are many times too busy focusing on to strive to the fancy full poses as fast as possible, so we could shine up on our mats but ens up missing out the point of how it feels in the body and how our practice affects the breathing. We want to look grateful and beautiful in the poses as the Yogi next to you but when We should turn the focus in. We get busy to boost our ego. And don’t miss understand me now. I’m not Judging. I know this because I’ve been there too. On and off. That doesn’t make us any less than others, but the practice is as with any aspekt of yoga to be aware of the intension, reflektions and the state of mind. When we get stuck in ego, that is the main reason why We hurt our selves when we practice Yoga. And to be honest I have also yoga relatated injuries. It happens so easily, but it happens as easily at the gym. As fast as we let the ego drive us we loose the mindfullnes of the practice or training. I fact, most of teachers I have met have Yoga relatated injuries, with makes us even more allert to watch over our students and help to find a safer practice. That doesn’t meen that the students can put the whole responsability on the teacher. The student Hans always the main responsability to know her / his limitations.  There is of course even new Yogis who are tired to strive to be something more all the time and who just are ready to quiet down and find their own selves and settle down in peace. And that is what Yoga should be all about. Many times I hear my self repeating and repeating things like breath, direction, grounding , linements on my classes, some times more than other times but it is always just because I want my students to have a life long safe practice with yoga.

How ever, even with someone who has been done yoga for years, there is these constant Internal battless; what you can’t do and feeling bad about it vs what you can do and getting very happy and excited about it. We just get too emotianally attached to it all and the contrast between can’t and can do gets so overwhealmingly strong that it either way puts us down and makes us want to skip the practice or makes us to push our limits to breaking point, when we End up getting hurt. Or the overwhealming joy when succeeding may make us less precent in the moment and in the body and We can easily loose the focus and get hurt. The success in a new more advanced pose can also make us too eager and ego driven to move faster forward and We again are risking our safe practice. Of course We should cherrish brakethroughs but With out letting it take away The focus.
The feeling of failure and happiness or compairing us to others can create Lack of a awereness of our bodies, breath and mind.

The question we should ask each time we Step on our mats is; Why am I on My mat?  What is My intension? Who am I?  

Yoga is eveness in your mind. 


Sthira sukham – Fully awake with comfort and lightness

Many ask and wonder about the asana practice and how difficult it is and how much there are yoga relatated injuries. I think about it like this; how difficult it is to make a ”hat trick” and how many injuries there is in football? I know it isn’t quite the same. In fact the injuries with Yoga is less than in many other practices (as I don’t like to speak about yoga as a sport) and them often aren’t that serious. But them do happen and who is reponsable of someone getting hurt on a yoga class? These are good questions. This post is more directed to the teachers nor students, but to everyone wondering how to handle the heat when something happens and most important HOW TO PREVENT it from happening?

Like many of us Yoga teachers we teach many times blended classes, there some are totally new to asanas and some have been practicing maybe even longer than the teacher her / him self. It can be really challenging to keep the class simple at the same time you need to be able to offer the more advanced practicers more advanced asanas to work with. Some times is good to be challenged to try something new and more challenging but sometimes it’s better to choose a easier asana even when you could go further. Some times the classes can include 30 individuals or more and it gets really hard to keep your eyes on everyone. Maybe you manage to help some and some times you se that the best is to guide with words to clearify what is happening and what to avoid. How ever it’s totally un-human to think that we se everything even when we really are present 120% for our students. And as a teacher it is good to remember that there should always be modifications and alternatives for each level and it isn’t really that hard; startin with the easier modification -> Deepening untill you maybe offer the full final position. It’s so important to remember this. We only do our best and the rest is up to the students.

What i meen with that the rest is up to the students / practicers is that everyone of us have to be reponsable over our own practice and our own body. If something feels bad; ask for help if the teacher doesn’t se you in that moment. Listen to the signs of your body. Is there pain? What kind of pain is it; sharp, just uncomfortable, tension…? Maybe you need to back out of the position, maybe stay or take a easier modification. But as a teacher, I can’t feel your body – Only You can. So to keep injuries free, You need to be awake, honest and completely present in your body. It’s on the every practicers own responsability to say ”No thank you” to hands on guidning and to stay in the asanas in the right level. Only you know what is your status for today and how your body feels. If you do that, I can assure you will keep injury free. And if something with time starts to feel bad, let your teacher know and maybe she / he can help you with the problem.


 -Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Sthira is to be awake and present and Sukham is to be light and comfortable. Asanam is in many caises said to be a meditative or seated pose.

I use the Sthira Sukham in all postures there you stop the movement for a while. Because for me even the asana practice can be deeply meditative. You want to feel the steadiness and the depth of a asana but if the easiness of the breath is lost the position is maybe to challenging that day. Even in the easiest postures is possibilities to find great amount of growing strenght if you just want to study the body deebly enough. It’s all about the balance as everything in life. Daring to challenge but not forgetting to give the progress the time it needs. Be a good yogi. Your body will Thank You!


Savasana and why should You practice it

Savasana, The dead mans or Corps pose We all know it, right. Laying down on your mat. Totally still. Relaxed. And it looks and sounds so easy and wonderful. I can almost guarantee that Everyone of us has felt sometimes frustrared over this Finishing pose. You can feel ”antz” claiming your leggs, your eye balls play flipper underneight your eyelids and your thoughs bounzes inside of your head like they would get paid for it. You get frustrated and without notising you are holding your breath. Relaxed and piecefull is barely what you could call that state. But listen to me when I tell you; it Will come and it Will be so worth all these frustrating moments. I used to be exactly like that.

 A short story about how I used to think about Savasana… I counted seconds to get over it and get up, roll your mat and run away on your to do’s. It felt like such a waste of time… But still I felt encyklopedin for The others resting and seeming to honestly liking it! 

It tok some serious searching why This was so hard for me and finally I started to understand. I never gave my self permission to relax and I just thought that I simply was that way. But it was so much deeper. I never relaxed, tok vacation from my business, were in quiet car / home or just did NOTHING. Because that would have ment that I would have to face my biggest fears and the uggliest truths, the darkest side of my self. All the traumas caused by others , traumas caused by me and what was the true me based on these things. (You Will understand all of This when and if you choose to read my book when it comes out.) Even though that Savasana is not (nessacary ) meditation pose but a preparation for The Meditation, for me it was a real practice of confronting myself , accepting and embraising my Self With all my flawes. Time after time I was astonished how many Self limitating and mean thoughts I had about my Self. I needed to face them even that they made me so sad. My heart cryed blood. But in some point I started to questioning these things. Is it all really true? Am I all that terrible? Why do I need to hide behind my work, training, smile when it hurt at most? Can I genuint forgive it all and move forward? Ah…. That was a looong school. Unbleasant and terrible but still so sweet and libarating. There is always new leyers to come but I’ve come so far and I embraise every moment of This Change.


In Savasana your body has the opportunity to take benefits from all The poses you have done during your asana practice. When You calm down and relax, your body can start to balance it Self up to get in The right alignment,  get centered. It gives you the possibilities to calm down your central nervous system.

It’s a moment for your reflexions and finding a state of being conciously friend with your surroundings; The ground underneight you and The space around you and creating a relationship to them both, thoughts, feelings and your breath. It’s a practice And it isn’t always easy. There is good days and less good days With Savana as any other Asana. Be curious!! No judgements over any of The things that happens in it, just be aware of it all.

So why do You do Yoga? Don’t you want to have all The benefits of your practice? Don’t skip your Savasana. Keep on trying untill you manage to find The peace within to just lay down and letting go and just Be. You can start to just Stay in it for 3-5 minutes and when you start to feel more ease to Stay still, why not even 15-20 minutes when you have time to do so. But plan your practice to always include At least 3-5 minutes to rest. You are so worth it. It really is one of The most wonderful experiences to find your Self in Savasana!!

And what ever you choose to do, getting into Savasana or Choosing to sit in Sukhasana, but try to avoid to run out from the shala. Both for your own good but also for respect towards other practicers and your Teacher. And if you sometime need to leave the shala, Remember to let Your Teacher know the cause. It’s a nightmare to wonder why someone left and if they are Okay. It happens that people get dizzy or start to feel sick and We just don’t wan’t anyone pass out somewhere alone.

Be a good Yogi! 

Religion and Yoga

Is Yoga a religion or a cult? And what is Yoga? Can everyone do Yoga ni matter of their religionists backgrounds?

These are interesting questions for me as a Yoga Teacher and Practicer in a country that is mainly Christen Lutheric. I find my self in conflict with most of worlds religions because of all The fanatism and judgementalism around religions. That doesn’t nessacary mean that I don’t have believes, because I do feel that there is some bigger force in this world than We as humans, at The same Time that I believe that We all are part of that bigger picture. We all are needed here as much as The other, no matter of color, religion or origin. You, Me… All beings around us. Breathing and working in The same symbios With each other.

How ever Christen religion in Christen countrys are often Said to be The religion of peace and acceptans and many other religions are said to be more fanatical than The other and leading to violence and bunch of other terrible things around The World . Yes, there is terrible things happening but most of these things aren’t just in The name of religion but also part of old culturel legasys that many organizations are working on to change (for example child marriges). But what comes to Yoga and religion I have got chocked by the attitude towards practicing Yoga here among the Christen Finland.

There has been several articles in news papers about The Dangers of Practicing Yoga. How it can cause you a danger form of psycosis and lead you to unpure path that leads straight to The Devil….

I haven’t come across from any other religios practicers any judgements at all. I  know practicers from most of the religions and We all have our believes of that Yoga can help you to connect to the ”bigger picture”, to The Universe, God, Brahman what ever you see as your thruth. It helps you to find The balance and calmness within you, in body and in mind. I have fully respect for any once believes and I would hope that We all could see it The same. 

There is one thruth. There are many paths.

-Swami Satchidananda 

I see my self as a part of a uneversal cycle. As the antz has their part of this huge play, I do to. We don’t always know what our roll really is because many times our purpose or Dharma happens without you knowing it. Even when you feel that you don’t really do anything important but a simple thing as smiling to a stranger can change someones life and that person in her/ his turn does something paying it forward…. Everything affects everything. So I many times say when people are angry at them selves missing asana practice, that every kind word or thought is Yoga too. Yoga is Union, it’s bounding us all together. We are all part of the Divine plan.

I know that what causes these point of views about many things is the fact that We humans tenden to hate everything We don’t understand and are in that matter afraid of. And many times We let the horror of unknown to keep us away from to even search knowledge about what We don’t understand. But it doesn’t have to be that way! We can choose how we cultivate our attitudes. Instead of being shut down in fear We could choose to think; Hmm, I don’t understand This and it’s scary, but It’s okay. I’ll learn More about this and then make my opinion without judging others.

We don’t need to always like everything but We can choose to respect others and their opinions without doing harm in words or in actions.

So no matter who you are, what you believe in, or what ever is your ”status”…

I see you. I respect you. I Love you. Peace and Love – Namaste!

How to be a good Yoga Teacher?

 What does it take to be a good Yoga teacher or an Inspirer of any kind? There are so many questions… Am I flexible enough? Am I wise enough? Am I fit enough?… and the list goes on.

These questions I have wondered about for a while now. Sometimes I even feel that I don’t really have anything ”wise” to share with my OMies, and that is when you start to get frustrated and uninspired.

Today I had a class, and while still was at home I was reading some discussions on my Messenger feed between me and some of the ones I coach, not just with yoga, but also helping otherwise through difficult states of life… And I came to think about Yamas and Niyamas. There were so many things I just saw how to work work the things by Yamas that I ended up to build my class around them. Here is a video by Echart Yoga about Yamas.

It turned out to be one of the best classes ever, I think….

But what has this to do with the Yamas and being a good teacher?

I was recently on a Online workshop on Yoga Alliance, we had a great teacher, and we talked about teaching and how to be a good teacher. Michelle Thielen (RYT500, founder of YogaFaith, a nonprofit Christian RYS 200 & RYS 300 school) had such a great message about how we way too often let the chatterbox inside of our heads break our self-confidence and qualities down. When we should instead of be thinking that we all have something to give others. We all have life wisdom and qualities that others value highly. She talked about how we should turn the negative chatterbox to a passive chatterbox and instead of constant questioning our own roll as a teacher to see all the possibilities and the positive sides of you as teacher.

As always we ended the workshop with Q&As and there was a bunch of great questions and Michelle gave such a value with the answers. But the base of it all… How to be a good teacher is to be AUTHENTIC. And there I was back to Yamas! Satya, the practice of Truthfulness, being true to yourself and to others. I think it was just such a great closer for today.

Have you practiced Yamas lately?

Short post today, but I really want to encourage all you new yoga teachers to join Yoga Alliance. The value in that community is priceless.