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Dos and Don'ts when Teaching Yoga !

Every Teacher is newbie in some point and all of us do misstakes. I have Done my misstakes and for sure Will do misstakes even in future. 

Hey, let’s be real – I’m only human! But what is the purpose of misstakes is that we learn from them. Or at least SHOULD learn…. If you don’t notice your misstakes or if you don’t think you do misstakes, Well dear here is some for you….

I just Love that quote!! What I mean With This is that if We think We never do misstakes big enough to learn from them or for to change, then We definetely are blinded by our ego.

We should also be aware of that when we do screw up’s We should not leave to lay on that feeling of failure. The feelings of too big ego or victimhood is both as bad Quality and We need to find our way out from it.

Another danger of being a Teacher of ANY KIND is if you feel or think that your students own you something just because of you being a Teacher / Menthor / Master. Your students don’t owe you anything. If you are good enough in what you do, they’ll respect you and follow you. But don’t take it personaly if someone chooses to change Teacher. We need to remember that We all have our chemistry. Sometimes We match just for a while and sometimes We never do. It’s okay. You don’t need to try please everyone and everyone don’t need to like you. It’s totally normal and just The way it is.

Then you need to time travel… What made you interested about yoga? What was your intension about practicing yoga?  And what is your intension of teaching yoga? 

Some wild quesings…. Either you wanted to emprove your health or destress your self, or maybe it all started from a cool asana you wanted to master and got hooked … or maybe you wanted to take a spiritual Journey in your True Seer?

You have to remember that many of your stundents are on The same Journey, and no matter what their intension is you are there to guide them to find The way towards what they are seeking. You are there to support, not to be supported.

I give you a example of what I have experienced as a student… 

In the beginning of a class We often put a intension for the class and what that cause is can vary quite a lot. What a Teacher should not do is to order her / his students to put a intension to serve her / his Life situation or state of mind. Surpricely even that happens. And it’s okay if it happens once and when We are really unbalanced, because then misstakes like that easier happen and We can learn from it. BUT We should notice that misstake at somepoint and make sure that even when We are unbalanced and in swirls of our own life, We should be able to leave it outside of The shala. In This is where our own practice Time comes in. It’s easier to focus and be there for your students if you have worked through your self With your own practice and Self study. 

Let’s say your students are paying mothly fees to go to your classes and you tell your students put their intension to heal your broken situation. If you really think about it, isn’t it unfair that they pay to you to heal you? Like I Said earlier We teachers are there to guide our students Journey and their healing them selves and not the opposite.

This thoughts popped up when I was Reading my emails. I recently got asked to Menthor next generation of Yoga Teachers and I started immediately to think through The basis of being a Teacher. I’m really glad and honoured of that I got asked for that mission and I already look forward to it.

But here is shortly The Dos and Don’ts as a little guidline;


– Be humble and kind; towards yourself as your students

– Use your words wisely and guide With passion 

– Be true to your Self as to others

– Respect your students own space and Journey

– Love what you do!

– Less is More! 

– Trust your Self !

– Teach what you practice and Practice what you Teach!


– Don’t Use your students as healing tools

– Don’t Be a victim 

– Don’t pretend to be something you aren’t

– Don’t force anything to happen, be true and It Will happen! 

– Don’t Use your classes as your practice. It’s not The Same!

– Don’t let your ego rule !

I Hope you can read this text as It is, written with love and caring.

From a Teacher to a Teacher! Let’s support each others to be even better teachers in the future.


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