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Sat Karma Kriyas – Yogic Cleansing rituals

These is many ways to practice Yoga as we all know. These is so many other ways than just the asanas on out mats. It’s the way we act and react. It’s the way we treat our selves and others. But it can also be practice of old Yogic and ayurvedic rituals like the Sat Karma Kriyas. A serie of cleansing rituals for both body and mind.
Hathayoga Pradipika describes six different cleansing methods for body and the are recommended to do along with asana and pranayama practice. These methods are told to strengthen and support asana and pranayama practices ability to move Prana. These techniques are according many distasteful but tehty have been playing a huge roll in the development of Yoga. These techniques are practices by a minority of Yoga practicers any many of these Yogis online practice Somero of the and rarely them all.


Shat comes from the word six, Karma från action and Kriya is cleansing/ purifying.

1. Neti = cleansing of nose and the upper breathing organs

Jala Neti, pouring salt water through one nostril in and the water runs out from the other nostril. Repeat even other way. Watch a video clip HERE.

Sutra Neti, a rubber string that is slowly pushed through nostril to the oral cavity. Watch a video clip HERE.

2. Dhauti = cleansing of throat and stomach.

Vaman, drinking 2 liters of saltwater and causing puke reflex and emptening the stomach.

-Dan Dhauti, the rests of saltwater that is left in the stomach removes by a rubber tube.

-Vastra Dhauti, swolloing long piece of cotton rack to clean up the very last of the salt water and mucus from stomach.

3. Nauli

Yogi learns to control with lift and rotate of the M. Rectus Abdominis to strengthen and massateini the inner organs.

4. Basti

Cleansing of Rectum and Colon through water that is lead in through anus, much like water enema.

5. Kapalabhati

Kapalabhati is often inserted to Pranayama practice as a part of the practice. It’s a serie of pumping motions done with lower belly and between pumping the tummy should be totally relaxed. The air that forcfully flows out through the nostrils stimulates frontal lobe, brain and the pelvic floor. Inhalation comes automatically between each pumping.

6. Trataka

Cleansing of eyes and the optical nerve through focusing the gase towards a candle flame until the eyes tear up, then you close the eyes and try to still se the image of the flame as long as possible. When the image fades away, lay down for coupé of minutes. Trataka sais also to purify the subconcious mind.

I do practice Kriyas but Not all of them. Dhauti is something that I concider to be of the limits as it seems right now. I am a souber Bulimic chick and it just feel uncomfortable even as a thought. But the other Kriyas I find effective and useful and I highly recommend to test them if you get the change to test them with good guidence.
Have a great one!



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