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Serving the world or emptying your own cup?

Are You feeling All these strange things and feelings happening to You ?

Having The feeling that You can’t control these things and You desperately seek ways to numb down these inner voices and feelings? Are you constantly serving and just emptying your own cup?… These feeling may have nothing to do with you. Maybe you just are too open to let others energies confuse your own balance.

I know how it feels. Let me tell you something from my life as it used to be. Long way before I had my near dead experience and before I started to study Yoga for real.

Many times I felt that I was all the time so full of these outer vibes and impressions that I got totally lack of energy. Sometimes I felt that I was going nuts. Somehow I know that I have always been open to different energies around us and felt everything, each person who were near by me. I felt their energies and I didn’t know how to control it at all and still I some times felt the urge to help by touching or being near. I felt almost never in balance, only when I was totally by my self in middle of the nature. But even there I could be drawn to places with confusing energies that I could not understand, like someone wanted to talk to me. In some point I was so darn tired of never being in my own energies so I started to relax through booz, sleep, heavy training, working a lot with saving and taking care of others, I even tried antidepressive medications to get away. I can tell it didn’t work that well.

For long I was so lost but finally found home within…

FullSizeRender 63Lately I have reflected a lot about my senses.
I have always experienced that my senses are almost supernatural.

It’s a gift but sometimes almost as a curse.

I have From that I was little communicated with animals of any kind; helping birds, hedgehogs and even mice and frogs ( my mother sometimes were going nuts over my mission to help All these beings and dragging them to our house).

I have since little could tell that someone is sick just By their scent. I often could tell my little brother was getting sick before anyone else noticed anything.

I can feel at a quite long range someone is having Bad feelings or intuitions or is in really dark place, because The vibrations hit me with open Hand right over my face.
I used to take it personally, I took these feelings to my be my own without even noticing this. It still happens sometimes but I’m fast noticing if it is Me or Someone else causing the feelings.

Now a days I do a lot guided meditations after my classes. Sometimes I just talk it through but sometimes I give a light touch or massage while they lay in Shavasana. I have almost stopped making my guided meditation texts ”ready to go”, I just pick the vibes during the class that gives the right words. There is always a guideline hanging in the air and someone needing the right words to release and guide them from their ”pain”… And mostly they serve the whole class anyway.

My whole life friends and Family members have felt urge to be near to me when they felt pain, tension or lack of energy just for to get my hands on them… And I did it just By intuation. I felt the need and I served.Then I did not know either how to separate my own energetic field from others and I emptied my self quite a lot.

For long Time I thought It was something seriously wrong with me. I really started to Believe I was going nuts!!

This is how I have lived my whole Life.

Many years of trying to balance This All, I did hit The rock bottom.
I was a Massage Therapist working long days, surprise…. Healing All day long. Kind of knowing that I was slowly killing my Self By draining All Life energy out of me on others.

While I was sick in Cancer I had to face everything. I had to stop and really start to listen to my body. I was terminal so I know I was dying and The Life and Time was running through my fingers.

I started to speak with my cells. I spoke kindly. I engouraged them to get back to Work. I promised to take care of my part and support them any way I can.

And surprisenly I started to heal. After 1,5 years I was Cancer Free. I did take The traditional treatments even if I combined it with alternative treatments, even without my Dr:s approval. But I did what my body told me to do. And I chose to listen more to my body…

Honestly, noone believed that I would survive This Cancer at All. I got more or less a month to live.  And Now I have 23 months Cancer Free.

What comes to my senses, they are even stronger…

I am still learning to master The balance and I’m learning All The Time something new.

I choose wisely where and when I give “my touch” , I have learned to close The Bad vibes outside of myself. I have learned how to protect my own space now.

I’ve learned to listen more to my cells and give my self what The body needs.
With practicing Yoga it can be tricky and I have to really listen when it is my cells and mind speaking and when it is my ego trying to master The body or just me trying to quiet the voices within.

My sense of smell is even more sensitive now a days and I try to find a way to use It wisely. How do You bring a message to someone that “You should really seek a doctor…”?
For long I have felt This Like heavy burden but I start to realize that even If I can help just one person with it it’s all good.

If You regonize your self By This or You know someone else who is feeling disconnected within. Shattered and can’t place your finger on The pain point.

Connect with me !! Together We can find a way to find The Strength and Balance ♥️

Love and appreciate your special gifts. Thay are not there By accident,
You have a purpose!!

Love and Light!


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