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Freeway-Cer – Change Energy Routine


(Fast Release Entrapped Emotions With A Yawn – Change Energy Routine)

And yes, as the name of this system tells, It really is that simple.  Using a sequence of meridian tapping points to activate the mind and body to release emotional blocks (fears, emotional stress, pain and so on) which inhibit an prevent us from moving forward with our lives with confidence, free from the need to self-sabotage and even in some cases totally free from physical pain. Without medicines, needles, painful treatments and with no unpleasant side effects.

This wonderful technique was developed by Tom Bolton and Bev Anderson and having been taught by them it has been my great honour to becoming one of their certified therapist. My own teacher, Miia Polso has been studying with Tom and Bev, and has been teaching this system to others as it has been so effectiv method in many problematic cases with such a easy way.

Even my self included I had some great effects of this while I was sick in Cancer. It gave a more peaceful mind free from fear, reliefed pain and helped to unlock some deeper locks from the past.


SOME FACTS ABOUT FREEWAY CER SYSTEM                       (loaned from Tom and Bev)

Lack of confidence, low self esteem, lack of concentration, studying & passing exams, passing driving tests
FREEWAY CER System is not just a simple technique but also a comprehensive system of elements that together have helped many people over the years to gain relief from a wide variety of uncomfortable conditions. Already Therapists have been trained to use it in the UK, USA and Brazil. Over a period of years, we have developed the amazing FREEWAY CER (Change Energy Routine) and a comprehensive system including: exercises, procedures, advice and guidance on several useful self development elements. FREEWAY-CER has proven beyond any doubt to be a complete Self Development System that can be used by almost anyone for rapid change and improvement in life.

Although it is a complete system, it can also be used alongside other therapeutic systems to enhance their effectiveness.

The CER Technique which we now use for most change work, differs in many ways from other energy therapies in that it has only 8 points, it incorporates several yawns, a new type of affirmation, takes approx 1 minute per round, can be used for tapping, rubbing, pressing and releasing, or it can be used internally and silently without any of these. It also incorporates a way of invoicing a completion statement at the end of each treatment. Its development is based on energy theories that we have researched, adapted and devised over the last 17 years.

Already people all over the world are experiencing benefits from using the system. We ourselves have used FREEWAY to help people gain relief and remission from:

Anxiety, nervousness, panics, depression,

Phobias including: flying, heights, spiders, choking, mice, onions, darkness, open spaces,

Addictions including; tobacco, alcohol and hard and soft drugs including; heroin, methadone cocaine;

Eating disorders, insomnia, low self esteem, behavioural disorders, aggressiveness,
PTSD, PMT, pains without any medical causes; plus an endless list of other symptomatic and painful conditions.

FREEWAY also fits in well with and works in conjunction with other forms of therapy including:
Hypnotherapy; NLP; Cognitive Forms of Therapy;
Psychotherapy; Counselling; also Healing.

-Tom and Bev

Karoliina is on the finish line getting her Certificate on being a official Freeway-Cer therapist. Curious to work with this just in touch with her through e-mail or Studio Yoga Samprema’s messenger .