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Yoga and Menopause / Andropause


Sometimes these life changes comes out from the woods, when they really are least expected. Menopause can be one of those things. But is there a way of easing the bodily effects from menopause with out turning into anti depressive and hormones ??  Can Yoga help?? And how to know if you have menopause?? This not just for the ladies because menopause hits also the men. Symptoms just vary a bit…

Here is a list of symptoms that could be your menopause to you ladies.

Mens list is little different and there are constantly discussions about if it is a myth or not. But question; Why would it be any different to age for men than us women? Here is information about male menopause or also called andropause.

Here is also Baxters awesome post about our fellow male Yogis in menopause, because obviously I’m a woman and can mostly prefer to my own experiences.

What both men and women are though often experiencing is  the sudden stiffness in joints and muscles and can even experience pain issues, lack of energy, feeling low and the focus is straight out of the window.

Couple of weeks I was really frustrated about this new situation and it was definitely limiting my own Yoga practice. Suddenly I couldn’t even do a simple standing forward bend and moving in Surya Namaskars was a struggle I’ve not had since cancer and I lived in the same temple. I was devastated! And it did not seem to go away. My much loved vinyasa flow was no more a flow, it was getting stuck in traffic! My inversions in most cases just increased the symptoms and I got totally lack of energy and the hot flashes just got more aggressive. Omg… I have got in a menopause… (early menopause can be a result of heavy cancer treatments in many cases)

I had to take my self little time to go back to the basics. Study what made the symptoms worse and with once eased my being. Things like just to ground and land in asanas. Really creating a relationship between the ground, mind, breath and body. I use lots of props as support in backbends and choose softer inversions instead of the advanced once. A true practice of letting go – non attachment. I love inversion and sweaty, intensive flows… Letting it be. Being here is what is now.

It felt good to slow down even though it tok me a week daily practice to let the vinyasa flow from my mind. I missed it. But without even thinking I started to each time in discomfort of missing ”flow”, I started to turn my self over and over again towards my ujjayi breathing. With out even noticing I started to slow the breath down even more than usually and let every transformation and movement in my practice to take time through the whole inhalation vs exhalation. My practice became reeeaaaally slow. Much of the time I close my eyes and just move on the waves of breath and listening to my body how it wants to move. Being soft in the mind will cultivate the softness even in your body. How liberating !

I started to feel less stiff, annoyed, down and feeling less of pain. My mind is calmer and even my swollen tummy has started to take it’s normal look. I still have feeling of that my quality of sleep is not what it should but definitely better.

So even when you feel that your menopause is eating your joy of moving, don’t stop! Just change the characteristics of your practice until it feels ready to do more advanced practice again. It is okay to slow down and just good for each and one of us every now and then. Either you are in menopause /andropause or not.

Yoga has shown the benefits to calm down your sympathetic nervous system that will give you less feeling of discomfort and will balance you up to manage your every day life better. So give your self some love on your yoga mat and feel the difference. Be aware of what makes you feel worse and what makes you feel better. Advanced inversions and high tempo can increase your symptoms you don’t want , so listen to your body, be wise – Be a good Yogi.


How to be a good Yoga Teacher?

 What does it take to be a good Yoga teacher or an Inspirer of any kind? There are so many questions… Am I flexible enough? Am I wise enough? Am I fit enough?… and the list goes on.

These questions I have wondered about for a while now. Sometimes I even feel that I don’t really have anything ”wise” to share with my OMies, and that is when you start to get frustrated and uninspired.

Today I had a class, and while still was at home I was reading some discussions on my Messenger feed between me and some of the ones I coach, not just with yoga, but also helping otherwise through difficult states of life… And I came to think about Yamas and Niyamas. There were so many things I just saw how to work work the things by Yamas that I ended up to build my class around them. Here is a video by Echart Yoga about Yamas.

It turned out to be one of the best classes ever, I think….

But what has this to do with the Yamas and being a good teacher?

I was recently on a Online workshop on Yoga Alliance, we had a great teacher, and we talked about teaching and how to be a good teacher. Michelle Thielen (RYT500, founder of YogaFaith, a nonprofit Christian RYS 200 & RYS 300 school) had such a great message about how we way too often let the chatterbox inside of our heads break our self-confidence and qualities down. When we should instead of be thinking that we all have something to give others. We all have life wisdom and qualities that others value highly. She talked about how we should turn the negative chatterbox to a passive chatterbox and instead of constant questioning our own roll as a teacher to see all the possibilities and the positive sides of you as teacher.

As always we ended the workshop with Q&As and there was a bunch of great questions and Michelle gave such a value with the answers. But the base of it all… How to be a good teacher is to be AUTHENTIC. And there I was back to Yamas! Satya, the practice of Truthfulness, being true to yourself and to others. I think it was just such a great closer for today.

Have you practiced Yamas lately?

Short post today, but I really want to encourage all you new yoga teachers to join Yoga Alliance. The value in that community is priceless.




How to make your living as a Yoga teacher?

You may know this pain point too well. You have found a career that you feel really passionated about, but that is hard to make living from. But even though many of us yoga teachers are struggling with this issue, it doesn’t really have to be this way. And the way out of that is not really that complicated. It’s all about to find the right places, mentors and tools.

For me the realizing that the amount of hours I would have to do each week to make a living for my family with 5 persons (+1 dog and 4 cats) would before or later start to kill the passion from my Yoga teaching and my own practice. I want to do it WITH PASSION and because of the passion, not because of the money. But we all need food on the table right?…

Now keep on reading because I’m about to share with you how I make this almost impossible equation possible.

Yes, I know…. you are asking your self ”why in earth would she do that?”. Let me say it this way; What is the sound of one hand clapping??… Yeah, nothing. If I’m here to share passion for yoga for everyone, I can as well get some help with that spreading through all the other yoga teachers as well. We are all on the same path, right? It’s not a competition, it’s a calling. And even, when we are working as Yoga teachers, we all attract different kinds of people.

One year ago, I was getting really overwhelmed trying to come up with a plan how to make this work. I met a wonderful person through Instagram who became a good friend with. She helped me to brain storm and introduced me to some really awesome people who could help me to say exactly what to do, so I could have my dream for my passion and freedom with out economic stress.

Together we have made Mastermind workshops and I learned on the way all the steps what I needed to do to keep my freedom minimizing the working hours and giving me the chance to keep on being passionated and event take care of my own practice. We created a Tribe as we call our Family of Freedom Preneurs.

So basically what I do;

  • blog, being visible on Instagram and Facebook
  • emailing my lists
  • sell video series (yoga sessions)
  • sell private coaching online (yoga and marketing)

These activities has elevated my incomes but also the invitations to have my own retreats and workshops as a co-host. And when I have my own event they usually are full booked. In May me and my little private group are flying to Torrevieja, Spain to have a 1 week retreat.

I want You to have the same possibilities to success with your own Brand. We have made the whole process of to be a successful entrepreneur to a step by step ”Sharing the Love” training library the you can find ALL the sources you need, but most important having these most pure-hearted people standing there and ready to serve you when you need. It’s unbelievable.

And if You want to check it out if it interests you CLICK HERE to get on the Freedom Preneur Movement .

In Freedom-Preneur Movement you can also make an extra income when someone joins under your link. I know the price is going to go up in the beginning of April, but the once you join now keeps their discounts as long as they want to be part of the Tribe.

Another source that I also find really awesome with support, trainings and webinars is Yoga Alliance. But if You want to get access to all the webinars you have to pay the yearly fee as well. I would also say that these both places are totally worth it and really low in cost if you think how much it costs to get an education on webinars or workshops by yourself, not even talking about how much it should cost if you have a paid service to do your advertising for your business.

I know that i don’t want to be with out my students, so I teach the classes I teach but the money issue should never be the main reason to your hours. Before all this started to elevate I had already taught around 200 hours in just 9 months. As a cancer surviver it is way to much for me so I needed this change.


Here above I have some of the top moments of my journey of Teaching yoga.

I really hope this is for some help for you and will get your biz rocking.




Serving the world or emptying your own cup?

Are You feeling All these strange things and feelings happening to You ?

Having The feeling that You can’t control these things and You desperately seek ways to numb down these inner voices and feelings? Are you constantly serving and just emptying your own cup?… These feeling may have nothing to do with you. Maybe you just are too open to let others energies confuse your own balance.

I know how it feels. Let me tell you something from my life as it used to be. Long way before I had my near dead experience and before I started to study Yoga for real.

Many times I felt that I was all the time so full of these outer vibes and impressions that I got totally lack of energy. Sometimes I felt that I was going nuts. Somehow I know that I have always been open to different energies around us and felt everything, each person who were near by me. I felt their energies and I didn’t know how to control it at all and still I some times felt the urge to help by touching or being near. I felt almost never in balance, only when I was totally by my self in middle of the nature. But even there I could be drawn to places with confusing energies that I could not understand, like someone wanted to talk to me. In some point I was so darn tired of never being in my own energies so I started to relax through booz, sleep, heavy training, working a lot with saving and taking care of others, I even tried antidepressive medications to get away. I can tell it didn’t work that well.

For long I was so lost but finally found home within…

FullSizeRender 63Lately I have reflected a lot about my senses.
I have always experienced that my senses are almost supernatural.

It’s a gift but sometimes almost as a curse.

I have From that I was little communicated with animals of any kind; helping birds, hedgehogs and even mice and frogs ( my mother sometimes were going nuts over my mission to help All these beings and dragging them to our house).

I have since little could tell that someone is sick just By their scent. I often could tell my little brother was getting sick before anyone else noticed anything.

I can feel at a quite long range someone is having Bad feelings or intuitions or is in really dark place, because The vibrations hit me with open Hand right over my face.
I used to take it personally, I took these feelings to my be my own without even noticing this. It still happens sometimes but I’m fast noticing if it is Me or Someone else causing the feelings.

Now a days I do a lot guided meditations after my classes. Sometimes I just talk it through but sometimes I give a light touch or massage while they lay in Shavasana. I have almost stopped making my guided meditation texts ”ready to go”, I just pick the vibes during the class that gives the right words. There is always a guideline hanging in the air and someone needing the right words to release and guide them from their ”pain”… And mostly they serve the whole class anyway.

My whole life friends and Family members have felt urge to be near to me when they felt pain, tension or lack of energy just for to get my hands on them… And I did it just By intuation. I felt the need and I served.Then I did not know either how to separate my own energetic field from others and I emptied my self quite a lot.

For long Time I thought It was something seriously wrong with me. I really started to Believe I was going nuts!!

This is how I have lived my whole Life.

Many years of trying to balance This All, I did hit The rock bottom.
I was a Massage Therapist working long days, surprise…. Healing All day long. Kind of knowing that I was slowly killing my Self By draining All Life energy out of me on others.

While I was sick in Cancer I had to face everything. I had to stop and really start to listen to my body. I was terminal so I know I was dying and The Life and Time was running through my fingers.

I started to speak with my cells. I spoke kindly. I engouraged them to get back to Work. I promised to take care of my part and support them any way I can.

And surprisenly I started to heal. After 1,5 years I was Cancer Free. I did take The traditional treatments even if I combined it with alternative treatments, even without my Dr:s approval. But I did what my body told me to do. And I chose to listen more to my body…

Honestly, noone believed that I would survive This Cancer at All. I got more or less a month to live.  And Now I have 23 months Cancer Free.

What comes to my senses, they are even stronger…

I am still learning to master The balance and I’m learning All The Time something new.

I choose wisely where and when I give “my touch” , I have learned to close The Bad vibes outside of myself. I have learned how to protect my own space now.

I’ve learned to listen more to my cells and give my self what The body needs.
With practicing Yoga it can be tricky and I have to really listen when it is my cells and mind speaking and when it is my ego trying to master The body or just me trying to quiet the voices within.

My sense of smell is even more sensitive now a days and I try to find a way to use It wisely. How do You bring a message to someone that “You should really seek a doctor…”?
For long I have felt This Like heavy burden but I start to realize that even If I can help just one person with it it’s all good.

If You regonize your self By This or You know someone else who is feeling disconnected within. Shattered and can’t place your finger on The pain point.

Connect with me !! Together We can find a way to find The Strength and Balance ♥️

Love and appreciate your special gifts. Thay are not there By accident,
You have a purpose!!

Love and Light!


The power of choosing joy


Yes! I just love Warriors <3

Have you ever had one of those days when You just would like to stay in bed and pretend that you don’t even exist? Feeling the struggle getting stuck in your throat but you can’t scream? How to overcome these negative thoughts and feelings??
Honestly, I have had one of those days today. For a moment I frizzed and felt after if I should just call it a day and hide at home instead of do those things I had planed to todays evening. But just for a moment. I had to snap out of it…
It is so easy to let your mind get gripped of panic, frustration and disappointments and get stuck in those moments and feelings. But the real question is, is it serving you some how? And don’t get me wrong. It is totally human to have bad days and it is okay to brake down for a moment. But you will do your self a huge favor if you after you have noticed the feeling, accept it and then let go of it. And it is really important that you accept that feeling  and do not try to hide it away. Every feeling is okay to feel. But there is a difference to reflect and accept feelings and thoughts and to get stuck in to those.
Like I told, I almost got stuck today. I’m that kind of person who often are stuck in a feeling for a very short time and then I’m over it and all positive again. My feeling that I’ve got little stuck in started yesterday. I got some little worrying news. Don’t know yet any facts on this problem but just because I saw my husband breakdown in to tears got me totally out of my mind setting and I got stuck in the feeling of disappointment.
Disappointment towards that there is a change that the cancer might be back. And that still is just MIGHT. So today I was really tired and had lack of joy . I had booked a dinner date with a new friend that i had ever seen before, but she is a New exam Yoga teacher and I felt that she is someone I would really like to know. But I felt the lust of hide at home quite big. Nighter did I want to go and teach Pranayama today… I felt so lack of everything. And then I had wonderful talk with one of my dear wise friends and she advised me to listen to do what I needed. If it is to stay at home, then I should do it… I had to just stay in that feeling for little more.
Then I got this voice in me again. “Okay, done with feeling sorry for your self yet? Are going to continue and feel even worse or do something about it??”…
Sometimes it really is annoying when it hits me in the head with a hammer. Okay, so quick check up…
For the first, I do not have any facts yet. So why get all messed up!?
For the second, When has a meeting with a interesting wonderful person got you feeling worse??
Or when has teaching Yoga or Pranayama made you feel worse??
The answers to these three questions are no, no, and no – EVER!
So I did what I had planed. I met this awesome person who I believe to be a new good friend, we had a really good laughter for the first because we had managed to pick all the same colors on our clothes; scarfs, jackets, tops, pants… That’s kind of funny but doesn’t stop there. After we had enjoyed a good vegetarian dinner we went to the Yoga studio there I teach and she would be with me doing the pranayama practice too and as we took our calendars out of our bags we saw that our calendars both were pink….And we both had the same color of socks. You can only imagine how we laughed! The Pranayama turned also to be really good as always. And I just love these classes and all the Yogis and Yoginis participating. The space in these classes is unbelievable.



But friend, my point of this post is basically that most of the times what is standing in your way of to moving forward is you and only You.
It is okay to be vournable. It is okay to be angry or sad or disappointed but just don’t let it own you and color you with its darkness.
Accept and embrace the feelings and then kiss them good bye.
And You are already on your way to a next wonderful moment.
Love and Light!!
Thank You for this very lovely day  and thank you for the reminder <3
Yours truly,

Create your Space and Own it.


What is that chick / dude trying to do? What a show of! How often Are you noticing how someones in the yoga class are watching around to the neighbor mat and fellow yogis? Rolling their eyes. Or just pushing them selves in way too deep pose just for to be a better yogi in asanas than that neighbor mat person who is just such a “wanna Be” Kino McGregory…. Gah! Give me a brake!! You are thinking!…

But hey hey HEEEYYY! Wait a minute… If you just noticed someone eye balling around in the shala, it only means that you should also be giving more attention on your own practice. Turn back in your own breathing, your own intension. Turn back your attention to your  own body and the reflections of how the breathing, moving on your mat it feels.


I know it isn’t always so easy. And definitely at the begin of your yoga journey it’s really tough to let go of your ego and the desire to be that awesome flexy thing  making ten knots of them selves and still having a fabulous smile on their face. I know this because I’ve been there. Not in yoga but in martial arts and it just leads to you hurting your self . Not only your ego but also physically. And let me tell you, it’s just not worth it.

How You look in the asanas is a not the important thing. How you feel in while you are breathing and moving and grounding on your mat is the true journey. The Journey to find out WHO you are. Finding out your true seer. Cleaning your views from the layers of curtains that hides your true self behind it all. It is not always a pleasant journey but in the end the feeling of Space of harmony around you and the feeling of Peace inside of you, will pay of the growing pain in the end. At first you may think the yoga is you and your mat but sooner or later you will notice that the Yoga practice is much more than the asanas. It is the way you live and love your life and every aspect of  it. And when your practice feels uncomfortable or you find out new sides about you that you didn’t know where there and maybe these new sides even scare you or makes you feel less, remember this; You can always decide how to react and act on any kind of information or thoughts. I know this so well and is the main reason for me starting teaching and inspiring others to do yoga. I’m maybe one of the stiffest yogis on biz, but I have found my way of movement as everyone else will find their own. Cancer and my old way of living did leave scares and marks on my body and I just have to accept it forgive myself doing myself harm that way and let it rest. I have learned my lessons the hard way. Here is couple of experiences from life….

Lets say You have invested time and maybe even founds on new business but realize that it was for you. Here you can get stuck in a negative, loosing founds and time and disappointment and accuse others of your failing OR You can concentrate to see the positive sides, what have you learned on the way and maybe you have made even some really good friends on that journey. For me the lost founds and time I see as investment. I found some amazing souls to connect with and I learned how to brand my self, write books (heads up, my autobiography coming during this year 2016), I learned A LOT techy stuff like running successfully Instagram accounts, make ads and marketing on FB and sooooo much more. If you have questions or need advice about these things just let me know.  I do not know everything, but I sure know quite a lot 😉 Every biz needs the social medias now a days, so if you don’t have IG and Fb fan page ready to roll, do it. For me the positive side is that i don’t need to pay anyone to run my ads and social medias. I realized that I burn more for to help others with health and Yoga than that I’m burning to make bugs on online marketing. I love people and I love helping. It gives so much more joy!!                              Later this year I’m coming up also with my own online yoga site for my followers and students. I’m starting to study Yoga Theraphy soon and I look forward to be able to help others with their health even more. I’m excited over it and of corse the fact that the school is in Goa. I will be needing voluntary patients too so let me know if you are interested <3

Or let me also give another example…. for me my Cancer was even though it was 2 years of just surviving the day with pain, nausea and tons of medicines a blessing. I could easily have got stuck on feeling sorry for myself  and choose the victimhood but instead I learned to see the beauty in each moment and I learned to be grateful for the smallest things, like  the beauty of a snowflake or a little flower braking through the dirt. I started also to sink more into conscious being and living. I did several times each day Pranayama exercises and a couple of asanas of Yin every now and then. I was way too week to do Hatha or Asthanga practice so i just did what my body wanted to do. No forcing or violence – Ahimsa. You can read more about journey on my first post on this blog or get my free ebook Here.

The same way you think when you develop in your own yoga practice. You may have to start in the most basic levels and still find it hard but the acceptance of your own being and allowing the progress take it’s time. Embrace the moment and stop forcing. You will have resistance on that path every now and then but by landing on it and letting it take it’s time you will learn so much about your self. How even in the moment of resistance and discomfort you can find peace in your mind. You will every now and then feel desperation and agony of being stuck and not making as fast progress you want but see how far you have come!! If you are beginner, see you are doing a great job coming on your mat time after time. Just breath through it. Don’t ever compare where you are with someone else. What comes naturally for someone else, is pain for you but remember there is always a pain point even for that other person in a different asana or movement or just in the mind, You just never know. I sometimes suggest my students to close their eyes and just sink in their own experience to eliminate the possibility to COMPARING.

Couple of my favorite quotes about this is;

Yoga is not about self-improvement, it’s about self-acceptance. -Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

Yoga is not about touching your toes. It’s about unlocking your ides about what you want, where you think you can go, and how you will achieve you get there. -Cyndi Lee

No mud, No Lotus. -Gandhi

So soften in your self on your mat next time. Do not care what happens on the mat right next to you. That is someone else’s journey happening there and you should be doing your own. And as you shouldn’t be judging someone else’s practice, don’t judge your own nighter. You are in the right place, in just a right time. Enjoy every moment of it. You are Amazing – Feel it.

Namaste – Love and Light

Your truly,


P.S. My Yoga IG account is freedom_samprema and my personal account is karromilla for those who want to hit follow…

Yama, Niyama – How You Treat The Others And How You Treat Your Self.

I share with you guys today 2 of my favorite Old Yogic Wisdoms. The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali By Sri Swami Satchidananda And Bhagavad Gita By Mahabharata I can really warmly to recommend for everyone who is interested about yogic lifestyle and philosophy. Those are my favorite  Master Pieces to study. They are books About Finding Your True Seer And How To Live A Yogic Life In All Aspects. Yama, Niyama are the guidelines that I would recommend everyone to take a deeper thought over – How You Treat The Others And How You Treat Your Self.

  • Patanjali is talking about to really go in your self and finding the true reflections of your mind and soul. How we are constantly getting disturbed of other peoples reflections and in that way we loose our selves to false impressions.
 1. Dharma and Karma, what’s the difference ?
I would like to clear up a bit about life purpose ( dharma ) and how people often mix it up with karma and try to live to someone elses dharma instead of their own. Wich is never to recommend.
It’s always better to do your own dharma even if your outcome of is less than perfect, Than do someone elses dharma perfect. Even if you do it perfect it is not yours to do, so you will get stuck and never get the satisfaction of it. And what is your Dharma it’s your job to find out . Karma is your action and the outcome of your action. So if you really are aming for good outcomes of your actions, you better have your purposes and intensions headed in the right things and the right directions. If your actions are fully driven of your ego , you maybe get far to the beginning but somewhere the karma will kick in and straighten you up.
This is a big wisdom I learned from a book named Bhagavad Gita.
2. Yoga Sutra 1.33 of Patanjalis
The wonderful script of  Yamas – How we should be cultivating our attitudes towards others  and through  that to find piece within us selves.
How many times haven’t you got irritated when some one has been really happy? Or getting mad and hateful towards someone being mean?

1.33 By cultivating attitudes of friendliness towards the happy, compassion for the unhappy, delight in the virtuous and disregard toward the wicked, the mind-stuff retains its undisturbed calmness.

So Patanjali gives us four keys: friendliness, compassion, delight and disregard. There is only four kind of  locks in the world. Keep these four keys always with you, and when you come across any one of these four locks, you will always have the proper key to open it.

And what are those four locks? Sukha, Duhkha, Punya and Apunya – happy people, unhappy people, the virtuos and the wicked. You use those keys and you will be able to keep your mind calm and stabil.

This Sutra is my golden treasure ( As the whole book is. ) ! Test it as you find a lock next time!!

Niyamas – How we should be cultivating our attitudes towards us selves. That one isn’t neither to taken lightly. Your negative thoughts and actions towards your self is always doing harm and bringing you down.                                                                                                                                                                                            So that is something we have to stop with. Make instead a commitment to your self and every time  you   get a negative thought about your self, STOP and turn it to opposite ! It takes time to train your mind to it, but as you get better you will feel de difference within you.

Click Here to Learn More About Yoga Sutra 1.33 of Patanjali

As I have for many years helped others with their physical problems, before with massage and consulting to training and now with Yoga, I also like to help people to get knowledge of helping then selves too.
As you know it’s only possible for you to help someone to certain point and after that the helping is not anymore on you. If you give a man a fish, he is satisfied for that day but hungry again tomorrow. If you learn that man how to fish, he will have food on the table for rest of his days.
These wisdoms I wrote about above is a good start to getting to the right direction of good outcomes of your actions.
I wish you a peaceful Monday and Go ahead BE AWESOME !
SamPrema – Peace and Love
Yogas citta vrtti nirodhah. ( When your mind is clear of reflections, you are in state of  YOGA.)

What's life all about?

Hi Everyone and Welcome to my Blog !

I shortly tell you little about my self and about some wake up calls.
I’m a mother of three wonderful kids, I’m a wife,sister, daughter, therapist, artist, a yoga teacher / soon to be a yoga therapist and I’m a training addict and lots of other things I’m a sure of. But these are the topmost things I can list from my hip 😉

Most of us live our days stressing around without ever or not that often thinking about that this day may be your last – That your life could chance in blink of your eye.
That suddenly your kids could be orphan. Your partner would stand alone with your kids in middle of a chaos mentally, economic… With everything and nothing.

September 2012 our world stopped spinning. After several years of being entrepreneur as an sport therapist, working early mornings and late nights as taking care of others.

Somewhere middle of all that I lost my self to my work. To just serve and help others and forgetting to help and take care my self. I forgot my family….

Where almost nothing home, trained and worked and worked and trained. Until I got the call that was necessary for me to realize that in that point even of being one of most wanted therapist I’ve had lost my life. As an mother, wife and as a friend. And as being ME.

I got sick.

Really really sick.

Just before christmas 2012 I got diagnosed with, Cancer, Hodgkins’ Lymphoma in terminal phase, 4BX.
My organs where shutting down and I was literally dying.

Medicins where not doing any good and doctors started to loose their last hope. As I got weaker and weaker one night I was slighting away, I know, I felt that I was dying.

Right in that moment I got my thought – HELL NO !! I’m not going anywhere.

I have to much to see and do! I’m not leaving my family.

As the same time I got so deep knowledge of that I would just have to surrender to everything in that room and space and let go of all harm from past. Leave all my bagage of my train and start to build a new me. That, my dear friends, was a night of magic!!

That was the moment when my body started to take action – Because it was my choice. Now I have 23 months of cancer free life behind me. And I’m so full of life. So full of Loving it all!

With this little story to show you an example how powerful your mind is. After I’ve started to focus more to getting back on track I realized that I could never but my self or my family to that kind of stress again that we all ready lived in many years. I’ve decided that my and our life will now on be based on Freedom. Freedom to do things with the whole family. Freedom to enjoy life everyday, with out any economic panic – every single day just FREEDOM.

Now with my mind focused on me and my family’s Awesome future I’m so exited every step of it. Because Life should be all about Freedom and Joy. And it is if you REALLY want to. Be creative and embrace the growing as a unique piece of art of this universe as you are.

What is YOUR Dream? What would YOU do with your Freedom? What is Your BIGGEST Dream?

If you feel that you have some questions feel free to connect with me.

SamPrema – Peace and Love