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Ny Yogalärare till Yoga Samprema – Välkommen Emma!

Emma Lundberg , Viniyoga – Svenska, English

Ny Yogalärare till Yoga Samprema – Välkommen Emma!

I januari 2018 kommer vi att få tillökning i vår Samprema Sangha. När vi träffades i höstas med Emma och diskuterade Yoga och samarbete kände jag meddetsamma – OH JA! Hon är som person skön och mjuk med enorm värme och är stolt över att få ha henne med hos oss. Har aldrig testat Viniyoga själv iom att det inte finns andra viniyogalärare i våra gretsar eller på ställen jag brukar besöka. Emma berättade om sin inriktning och jag bara blev varm om hjärtat. Vi vet att det finns många med begränsad rörlighet i kroppen pga skador, mm. och känslan av att få en fantastiskt rar lärare att  dra även mera terapeutisk och skonsammare klasser än vad våra Hatha klasser är. Och allt går ju att anpassa precis som Emma skriver om sig själv och Viniyogan här nedanför. YOGA FÖR ALLA – JAAAAAA! Välkommen Emma!

”Jag älskar hur yoga kan anpassas – både till olika individer och till vad just du är i behov av just nu!
Jag är utbildad viniyogainstruktör. Inom viniyoga finns inte ett rätt sätt att utföra en pose – utan posen anpassas så att den passar just dig så bra som möjligt! Orsaken till att jag valde viniyoga är just för att denna form av yoga är skonsam och meditativ – och därför passar alla åldrar och kroppstyper. Både passen och poserna anpassas nämligen i stor utsträckning efter deltagarna.
Jag utbildade mig till viniyoga instruktör i Seattle (USA) under 2016-2017. Jag är registrerad hos Yoga Alliance (RYT-200). Efter att jag blev klar med min utbildning har jag under hösten 2017 hållit yogaklasser i Seattle samt deltagit i olika fördjupningsstudier.”

– Emma Lundberg

Importance of being adaptable as Yoga teacher

  Many time we teachers before workshops or classes tenden to make strickt plans how the class is built and how it is going to be. 

Sometimes we even get disappointed or mad towards us selves if the plans don’t go through. 

When I started to teach Yoga I had so clear visions about the class all the way from beginning to it’s end and I remember how devastating it was when the plans did not go together with the reality. I felt so little and sad about the fact that I could not deliver a ”perfect” class to my students. It was heart breaking. I’m all the way into the bone marrow one who wants to serve and hate making others disappointed. I was terrified to loose my tone in shanting or say something totally wicked.

But what surprised me was that many times when I lost my plans during the classes, and when the class ended people started to come to me to thank me for a really great class. I started to soften. I started to loosen up and were not that afraid of making ”mistakes”. 

Today we have had Mind Day on one of the places there I teach yoga. I’m used to hold my classes alone and used to compromise with just my self and the yogis on their mats, so today was a totally new experience. Today I teached  in pair with a fellow teacher. 

We had not had time to do the test classes together to do a test drive before this day because sometimes Life happens and time runs out.

Hahaha… I can tell you, this day didn’t go at all as planned BUT we adjusted so smoothly on the situation and we made it to ROCK any ways! And it was a great deal of fun!!

We had planed a technique class and after a class based on these asanas but as the OMies wanted to continue with the techniques to find the asanas for each one of the students, based on their own physical abilities. So we decided to do double asana technique class. And I have to say that I’m a total technique nerd!! So I did not mind at all. It was so beautiful to feel the energy of these lovely people studying the asanas and to find their way of the movement and finding the ground, strength, relaxation and connection to the breath. I’m so tired but happy right now. But there is still one class to teach today… Sunday Funday 😉

And what comes to the making mistakes… I did do some today. Maybe I was the only one noticing, maybe not. But it’s not a big deal 🙂

Sometimes I do give quite funny instructions in my class and I offer the class a really good laughter. Or while doing balances ; hand balances or headstands, giving instructions, forgetting to concentrate on the asana and loosing the balance and ending up in face plant or falling down…. Not a big deal. I’m used to be the clown of the group through whole my life and it’s my way to shake of things like that. This has actually even turned to my benefits. 

Like one of my students said so nicely.

”I love your classes because you are human in first place instead of a Teacher, which feels so relaxing.”

But I think it’s all about being humble. I don’t know everything. I’m on the journey too, just like everyone else.

We are all humans. No one is better than the other. Teacher or student. And by remembering this makes the practice easier for all the practisers in the shala. Many times there is this fear of not being good/ flexible enough to practice on classes on the shala that holds us back from taking the next step in our yogic journey. As we put aside the feeling of ”not being worthy” the magic happens and the great journey can begin. This comes even for teachers…. We are all different and there will always be students who are guided to you for a reason. Be grateful, be joyful and Shine your light.

I feel like I kind of ended up on side ways now but what I want to say is;

Life is on constant movement. You never know what you will meet in your class. Feel out the energies and don’t force a surtent class to happen as planned if the energies don’t support it. Be adaptable to form the class to what your students needs not what you want to teach or show. Be humble and serve as a teacher.