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The power of choosing joy


Yes! I just love Warriors <3

Have you ever had one of those days when You just would like to stay in bed and pretend that you don’t even exist? Feeling the struggle getting stuck in your throat but you can’t scream? How to overcome these negative thoughts and feelings??
Honestly, I have had one of those days today. For a moment I frizzed and felt after if I should just call it a day and hide at home instead of do those things I had planed to todays evening. But just for a moment. I had to snap out of it…
It is so easy to let your mind get gripped of panic, frustration and disappointments and get stuck in those moments and feelings. But the real question is, is it serving you some how? And don’t get me wrong. It is totally human to have bad days and it is okay to brake down for a moment. But you will do your self a huge favor if you after you have noticed the feeling, accept it and then let go of it. And it is really important that you accept that feeling  and do not try to hide it away. Every feeling is okay to feel. But there is a difference to reflect and accept feelings and thoughts and to get stuck in to those.
Like I told, I almost got stuck today. I’m that kind of person who often are stuck in a feeling for a very short time and then I’m over it and all positive again. My feeling that I’ve got little stuck in started yesterday. I got some little worrying news. Don’t know yet any facts on this problem but just because I saw my husband breakdown in to tears got me totally out of my mind setting and I got stuck in the feeling of disappointment.
Disappointment towards that there is a change that the cancer might be back. And that still is just MIGHT. So today I was really tired and had lack of joy . I had booked a dinner date with a new friend that i had ever seen before, but she is a New exam Yoga teacher and I felt that she is someone I would really like to know. But I felt the lust of hide at home quite big. Nighter did I want to go and teach Pranayama today… I felt so lack of everything. And then I had wonderful talk with one of my dear wise friends and she advised me to listen to do what I needed. If it is to stay at home, then I should do it… I had to just stay in that feeling for little more.
Then I got this voice in me again. “Okay, done with feeling sorry for your self yet? Are going to continue and feel even worse or do something about it??”…
Sometimes it really is annoying when it hits me in the head with a hammer. Okay, so quick check up…
For the first, I do not have any facts yet. So why get all messed up!?
For the second, When has a meeting with a interesting wonderful person got you feeling worse??
Or when has teaching Yoga or Pranayama made you feel worse??
The answers to these three questions are no, no, and no – EVER!
So I did what I had planed. I met this awesome person who I believe to be a new good friend, we had a really good laughter for the first because we had managed to pick all the same colors on our clothes; scarfs, jackets, tops, pants… That’s kind of funny but doesn’t stop there. After we had enjoyed a good vegetarian dinner we went to the Yoga studio there I teach and she would be with me doing the pranayama practice too and as we took our calendars out of our bags we saw that our calendars both were pink….And we both had the same color of socks. You can only imagine how we laughed! The Pranayama turned also to be really good as always. And I just love these classes and all the Yogis and Yoginis participating. The space in these classes is unbelievable.



But friend, my point of this post is basically that most of the times what is standing in your way of to moving forward is you and only You.
It is okay to be vournable. It is okay to be angry or sad or disappointed but just don’t let it own you and color you with its darkness.
Accept and embrace the feelings and then kiss them good bye.
And You are already on your way to a next wonderful moment.
Love and Light!!
Thank You for this very lovely day  and thank you for the reminder <3
Yours truly,
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