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Why do We Yoga??

There is as many answers and reasons to This as there is practicers. Some yoga for to shape their body or get more flexible, some because they they seek something more spiritual to their lives and some just simple because it’s cool to get to all these fancy positions and because it’s popular. What ever the reason then may be there is no right or wrong. We all have a starting point and in somepoint it will turn More to the direction of deeper path with in us selves.

I know many who started their Yoga Journey because it’s great ”gymnastics” but after many years of practice The attitudes towards The practice has changed. One of my dear friends had bursted into tears after a practice because she had suddenly felt that total connection between the everything and all at once. She got so overwhelmed that her tears were running for hours.

How she explained was that, ”Before in my practice I have always felt these physical body issues of tightness or weakness or pain and that has been what I have worked with… This time I did not feel my body in that way. I felt it but at The same Time not. Instead of feeling weakness, locks, pain or stiffness I felt feelings! That was so scary and wonderful at The same time… Fear for letting go and moving forward was so rooted in my hips and knees and my upper back and chest was out of Love… Love that I have not allowed my self…”

I was so glad for her because I saw that she had This totally new bliss in her apperience. The calmness and warmth that she radiates is candy for a sore eye.

One of my teachers told about a same kind of journey. And there is so many different paths. So many kind of histories behind each and one of us. Backgrounds that makes us to who We are.

For me Yoga was in the beginning a way to destress. I loved breathing exercises and how it calmed me down. I have a long history of Self destructional behavior as bulimic disorder, ortorexia and panic attacks. Pranayama was my main practice and meditation. I studiet some books and tested out little bit asanas but We didn’t really have any yoga teachers near by what I know of. It tok many years for me to find to Asana practice wich I feel NOW that was a good thing. The risk of practicing With Ego would have had serious damages, if I know my self that well. I would have pushes furter and furter and hurting my self. Now I feel safe and stabile in my own practice and my Journey is still to find my Self. I have come far but there is still lots to discover. In meditation, asana practice, Pranayama, Karma Yoga…. In all The daily routines I practice yoga in some way. It keeps me on The right way. It gives me The feeling that I’m enough and good as I am.

So what ever your reasons are to do Yoga or do others practice, do it because it makes you feel good. If it makes you feel good The reason doesn’t even matter.

Sometimes I get sad when I think about how much I have hurted my self but then I realize that it was my Dharma it made me to what I am NOW and it all have served a greater purpose.

I just want to say a couple of final words… All you readers out there who are feeling too heavy, or too thin, too unflexible, too ugly or not just worthy any good. I’m maybe little round but even that is a shape you know. I’m sooo unflexible but still I’m teaching Yoga. And the rest of those things, they just aren’t true. You are freaking awesome!! Just perfect as you are. We all are .



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